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Louis Porter

The discussion about housing should be extended beyond the economic and political.

As a sculptor, my compulsion has been to create landscapes and environments that evoke a balance of spirit and matter, to explore the way in which the placement of an object can produce an awareness of our surroundings.

Sculpture and place are the same.

With a background in land art, it was a natural progression to apply these concerns to housing, one of the most prolific and fundamental human interactions with the environment.

The discussion about housing should be extended into the discussion of art.

It has taken three years to put together a team that can deliver a project of this
nature, and now it is becoming a reality. Our aim is to create an alternative model for how we design and build. This model will consider every component and every individual and group involved, as a vital part of the whole. Through artist led documentation, each strand of the project will be brought together to present a new vision for how we create an environment to live in.

Mark Merer

Lead Artist / Designer

Andreia Sousa

Architectural Assistant

Lucy Glendinning


Louis Porter

Project Documentation

Georgia Metaxas

Project Documentation




Planning Development