Mark Merer undertakes projects in Architecture, Landscape and Sculpture. The studio has a team of associates ranging from Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Fabricators to Environmental and horticultural specialists.


My primary interest is in placement, I am looking for the perfect union of object and environment, and in doing so hopefully raising questions about how we perceive ourselves and our relationship to our surroundings. I have always been fascinated with the idea of bringing Arts into a more direct involvement into every day life.  

A project with 2 quantum physicists had a large influence on me and altered my perception of space; it gave weight to my feelings of the total or whole, the interconnectivity of the physical world. Consequently  I see no boundaries between any 3dimensional construct and spend my time observing land use, ourselves, construction and development that sometimes seems to be unaware they are part of a symphony. This universal tune for me is a conduit that enables us to see the physical world in more than just scientific truths.